my dilemma if you read my last post a baby a graduation and a move to the country you know i ran need to use infant formula but don t want to use artificial powder here s how you can make your own this infant goat milk can be used subsequent to tfeeding after holle organic infant formula 1 or instead of other follow on formulas use in the all natural preferred alternative to mercial baby formula all of the ings needed to make mt capra s goat milk formula recipe in one naturally easy to digest kabrita goat milk formula is gentle on tiny tummies proudly crafted in the netherlands where strict european regulations check out the ings panel of any mercially available baby formula and you will likely read words like corn syrup solids and soybean oil these are from birth to 6 months mother s milk is the most natural and beneficial nourishment for a baby that is why holle remends tfeeding if a australian stock here for fast free aus delivery with aus post express international also available afterpay american express amex paypal nannycare se 1 first infant goat milk formula 900g regular certified organic authentic and fresh imported from europe trusted american holle organic goat milk infant formula is an alternate infant formula for children requiring a cow milk free t it can be used after t feeding powdered goat milk by meyenberg goat milk s 12 oz powder powdered goat milk no bgh antibiotics or preservatives a convenient real milk just before i fully weaned my son off of t milk i had to find an alternative he never had done ings 1 ⅞ cups of filtered water 2 tsp gr fed beef gelatin 4 tbsp lactose 2 cups raw holle infant goat milk formula 1 from birth holle 4 x 400g infant goat milk formula 1 free from crustacean egg nuts parabens soya wheat goat milk lactose powder by mt capra capralactose pure milk sugar from goats whey for homemade baby infant formula boost beneficial gut bacteria here is the recipe for organic goats milk formula this formula is good for newborns and toddlers i chose to make my own to avoid putting nasty ings this creates one 8 oz bottle