this diy hand sanitizer is quick and easy to make with ings you already have at home get our easy homemade hand sanitizer recipe here this 3 ing aloe and lavender recipe uses the natural germ fighting properties found in tea make your own hand sanitizer using essential oils and a few s you may already have on hand disclaimer this hand sanitizer is not a subsute for proper handwashing and while this home stay safe with this easy homemade hand sanitizer recipe make at home to help kill germs that spread viruses when there is no soap and water to wash hands not 1 not 2 but 3 homemade hand sanitizer recipes why 3 because they are made diffely and while hand sanitizer isn t the best option for getting rid of germs sometimes it s the only option let me start by saying that hand sanitizer isn t something i use frequently i think given the do it yourself hand sanitizer formula from world health organization who scaled down for home use us metric recipes below show more due to th little hands carry lots of germs and i found the perfect recipe for an all natural and effective hand sanitizer that you can make with just a few simple ingr the professionals note that the diy could actually hurt skin if created the wrong way this homemade hand sanitizer recipe is easy to make cost effective and good for your skin the tea